Talever is a brand,and incorporates comprehensive research and development, design, production and sales. Quality style, combined with rich and colorful fabrics,creates fashion every woman loves. Forward designs and the integrity of the company allowed Talever to establish their own distinctive brand image the majority of consumers quickly loved and embraced after just a few years in the business!  


Talever represents not only a simple pursuit of fashion, but a way of life. Modern life should be lived on every level. Different life experiences lead us to continue to master and adapt to change. Talever embraces this change to empower women and give them the courage to show the world who they are,both inside and out.

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Social Responsibilities

From day one, Talever has committed to fulfilling our social responsibility. We not only provide consumers with high-quality products,but also provide employees the best possible working environment and opportunities to give back to the community. Every two months,we organize opportunities for all staff to participate in volunteer activities. Among our favorite and most fulfilling activites are visiting nursing homes to visit with residents, hitting the streets for environmental clean ups and education, and supporting education by donating time and supplies to schools and children in poorer communities. Talever believes that it is our social responsibility to give back and make a difference.

Sustainable Development

Talever advocates sustainable living - in terms of both shopping and manufacturing. We give priority to the purchase of environmentally friendly fabrics such as natural cotton, linen, fiber, silk, recycled polyester, etc. We do not and will not use animal leather and fur.When producing our clothing,we recycle any fabric scraps and believe in the use of simple decorations and designs to reduce the use of metal decoration and other materials.

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